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What is the difference between Warning and Alert traffic
What is the difference between Warning and Alert traffic
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While analyzing the stats in your account, you can see that we divide traffic into 3 categories:

  1. Good

  2. Warning

  3. Alert

Alert traffic is confirmed fraud and bot traffic, which you can redirect away from your offer page. We usually divide fraud reasons into 3:

  1. Hidden ads: Ads were opened on a real device, but the user didn’t actually see it.

  2. Fake Browser: Ads were opened in a program imitating existing browsers or a browser which was operated by an automated software (a real user did not see the ads).

  3. Location fraud: Ads were shown on a device which is probably bot, because the location of the device is inconsistent with the other parameters.

Warning traffic is suspicious traffic, which was flagged by one or several fraud metrics, but it’s not necessarily fraud. It can be proxy traffic, it can be some browser or IP bug, but, at the same time, it can be a real user. So, you can double-check, if such traffic is profitable for you and whether you want to continue buying it or redirect from your offer page as well as alert traffic.

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