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How to set Alert rules
How to set Alert rules
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In order for you to be aware of all the fraudulent sources on time, ADEX provides an opportunity to send notifications about such sources to any of the available notification channels: Slack, e-mail or Telegram.

To set alert rules, you need to go to “Notifications” section and first choose “Channels”, as on the screenshot below:

Then click on “Add new channel”:

After that you will be redirected to the page, where you can add any of the channels mentioned before:

Choose the necessary channel and give it a name, then fill the last field, where you can add your e-mail address, Slack channel key or bot API token and chat ID for Telegram and click on “Create channel”:

You can also use the channel as default in order to add it to alert rules automatically.

Once the channel is created, go to “Alert rules” section and click on “Create alert rule”:

Fill all the fields:

  1. Alert name is the name you give to your notification.

  2. Notification channel is the way to send notifications: e-mail, Telegram or Slack.

  3. Period is the period during which the traffic will be checked and according to which the notifications will be sent.

  4. Evaluate every’ is responsible for the notifications update period.

For example, you can see on the screenshot above that the notification called “Weekly notifications” will be sent to the channel called “AdEx Notifications”, taking into account one week, and this notifications will be sent to the same channel every week.

You can also add grouping and filtering for your notifications according to any of the available options. This way you can receive notifications, e.g. grouped by traffic source and with alert % more than 20%:

After filling all the fields and choosing all the required filters, you can test the rule:

If the system finds any slices that meet the requirements, you will see such a notification:

Otherwise you will see this notification:

Once ready, you need to set the notification as active and save it.

Ready, now you will receive the notifications about alerts to your channel and won’t miss anything!

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