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“Claim report” option allows you to create detailed reports with all the information about fraudulent traffic in order to get refund from the traffic providers.

To create a report, go to “Reports”, then “Claim report” section.

Click on “Create report”:

In this section you can give a name to the report, set necessary filters and choose the required traffic slices. Also, you can add warning impressions to the report and choose the required traffic log information, like IPs or User Agents.

In Filters section you need to choose the required time period for the report:

If you need to see the reports according to any specific filters, you can choose them in “Add filters” section. The filters contain all the custom information that you pass to AdEx, and also GEO, OS, OStype, and browser.

Next you can choose the required slices, by which the information will be displayed in the report.

Finally, choose the required logs information that has to be displayed in the report and decide whether you need warning impressions to be included:

Click on “Start generating report”.

All the generated reports can be found in “Claim report” section:

To check the report, click on “View report”. It can be downloaded in CSV or PDF format.

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