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Postback settings
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ADEX provides you an opportunity to pass the information about your traffic status, like, good, warning or alert, to your tracker or in-house tool. This can be done with the help of postback.

This feature can be checked in "API & Postback" section. Once fired the postback sends status of the impression and other required parameters to your system:

In this article, we will show you how to set a postback taking BeMob tracker as an example.

To receive the information and correlate it both in ADEX and your tracker, you need to pass at least two parameters responsible for click ID. One is generated by your traffic source and another is generated by your tracker itself. It means, you need to use them in your JS code or redirect link.

In our case, the values of click ID will be passed to parameters cid (responsible for traffic source click ID) and bid (click ID generated by BeMob). These parameters will be passed to clickId and customId1 in ADEX accordingly:

You can know more about ADEX integration methods in this article.

After that, go to your tracker and create a new Traffic Source. Add cid parameter and the parameter of your traffic source responsible for click Id and save the changes:

After that, create a new campaign. Choose the traffic source you have created before and add cid and bid parameters to your link. As mentioned before, cid will pass your traffic source click id ({externalId} in case of BeMob) and bid will pass BeMob generated click id (which is {clickId}):

Choose and copy the campaign URL generated by BeMob, it will be used further in your advertising network as Target URL:

After that we need to create an additional column in BeMob, which will show the traffic status. As this column is custom, we need to create a Custom Conversion flow, so go to account settings and choose the “Custom Conversions” section. There you can create the new conversion event, which can be called anyhow. In our case, we called it Fraud and added custom conversion event parameter fraud:

Once done, click on “Generate Links”, choose the required campaign and copy s2s postback, which will be used in ADEX as Postback URL:

Now go to ADEX and add the copied URL to Postback URL field. The necessary parameter you need to replace is cid value, which has to be equal to bid value in order to correlate these two parameters. So we need to add a parameter passed to bid, which is {customId1} in our case. Also don’t forget to add traffic type for the Postback to be fired:

The postback is now ready, and we only need to add the new column to your statistics in BeMob. Go to “Campaigns” section and choose the “Eye” sign:

It will show you all the columns that can be added to your statistics page. “Fraud” created by us recently is also in the list, so the only thing we need is to choose this option:

Now you are able to see the amount of fraudulent visits in your tracker as well:

Once we check the info in ADEX, we can see that there have been 2 visits to our Landing page, one of which is good, and one is fraudulent:

Checking the info in BeMob, we can see both of those visits detected:

In “Campaigns” tab we can see 2 visits overall and one fraudulent visit:

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